Rey Ruiz – Fenomenal

Rey Ruiz
Rey Ruiz

1998 is the start of my friendship with the FENOMENAL – Rey Ruiz. I had listened to his music in my native Puerto Rico but when I get to Miami in 1993, while studying and working the music scene, I get the chance to meet and work with “el bombón de la salsa“.

Back in 2000 I was part of the album: Fenomenal. We had such a great crew: Samuel “Timbalón” Pagán, José Sibaja, Pablo Santaella, Richard Bravo, Josemanuel Gutierrez and Daniel Berroa amongst them. Too many “flashbacks” to remember all of them! Wow, remember hanging out at Rogelio’s studio for the first time. I got to see Osvaldo Pichaco in action. We call him: “El Caballo” and he transferred unmeasurable knowledge from the music business to me. I have to publicly say THANKS Caballo! Love you lots – even though I don’t tell you much…

ReyRuiz - Fenomenal

I had the pleasure to do several arrangements for Fenomenal. Also played piano and keyboards in some tracks and arranged some brass for others! God has blessed me immensely and I give HIM thanks for this passion for music I carry.

From the “not walking closet” of my very humble house to unthinkable places in the world the song: Amigos de Verdad.

Enjoy! Que que queFenomenal

Amigos De Verdad


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