My Latin Grammy

The year 2005 is the beginning of my songwriting career. It comes out of nowhere, but surely with God’s grace. Not knowing if I was or not going to be successful in songwriting, the song: Dolor de Amor was born with the help of my good friend and co-writer Fabián Farhat.

After copious emails and too many stamped envelopes, lots of artists/managers/A&R and record labels listened to our song… Sadly nothing happened until Vicky and Marisol Terrazas, the singers for the group Horóscopos de Durango get the song and listen to it. They both love the song and decide to record. It is released in the CD titled: Desatados.

Desatados - Horóscopos de Durango
Desatados – Horóscopos de Durango

I’m blessed and proud to say that my professional songwriting career started with them. Yes, I owe it to my Mexican brothers and sisters… My first ever song composed with Fabián and we are featured in a professionally recorded album. But, not only that, no… This song goes far! How far? The year 2007 the CD Desatados wins…

A Latin Grammy

Latin Grammy 2007 - Horóscopos de Durango
Latin Grammy 2007 – Horóscopos de Durango

Wait, what? It doesn’t end There…

2008 comes around and to my surprise, the CD’s sales are huge! I get to win a Double GOLD Record Award in the United States for more than 200,000 copies sold of the CD Desatados.

Gold Record Award - Desatados
Gold Record Award – Desatados

God’s being very good to me! Thank you  papito Dios and to all who support what songwriters, like me do everyday… We are really a special, weird, tempered, loving bunch of people… Thank you to all of whom have been part of my music life. I will never forget everything you have taught me and every ounce of encouragement you’ve poured in me.

I guess you want to listen to the song, so here it is…


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