I’m Available for Finale Lessons

This is the year I’ve decided to increase and be available for even more! What does: I’m available means… It means I’m available to teach you via Google Hangouts or Skype Finale Music Lessons.

I’ve created a page with frequently asked questions (FAQ) you might have about the lessons. Finale is a program that covers just about every genre of music and notation style, it is massive in its scope. Many people struggle getting started with Finale. Many others will love to master this incredible software.

Private lessons on Finale are a more effective teaching method as an alternative to buying books or taking expensive online courses. I have a plethora of FREE videos on my YouTube channel with tips and tricks. I also show my exact workflow for copying music with Finale. But, I know that sometimes it is complicated to develop a plan and follow it only by looking at YouTube videos. Been there, done that and got the t-shirt. That is where I believe the private lessons will help you.

I invite you to read the FAQ and see if the private lessons will help you in this journey you have embarked. We will transcribe, copy and engrave music together. I’m ready if you are ready!

Ready to sign up for your Finale Music Lessons, then click here.


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