Going up…

Things change constantly in our lives. We are pushed in many directions, but like the picture on the header, I want to keep pushing UP!

This quote has and still gives me perspective and a plan to follow.

“Great leaders work themselves out of a Job. The best way to go up in life is to lift up someone below you. If you are irreplaceable in the job you have, you are unpromotable.” – Zig Ziglar

Think about this for a minute with me… Look at the bold word on the quote. Look at it again…

How many times we are jealous and don’t want to teach our craft to the up and coming below us? We get asked one question and we thing the world is going to end. I am sure it has happened to you. It has happened to me. I’ve been afraid that someone is going to take my job. Like we say in Puerto Rico: take “mis habichuelas de la mesa” (take my beans from the table).

I’ve stopped thinking like that. There’s light at the end of the tunnel and it is NOT an incoming train. (Thank you Uncle Dave!)

The best way to move up is to teach and like the quote says: lift up someone below you.

  • You get to see how much you really know about your craft.
  • You get to check out where your flaws and mistakes are happening.
  • You get to defrief what you do with others.
  • You get to become the leader others want to follow!

I don’t know about you – but I want to be replaceable SOON… How about you?

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