Finale Music Lessons (FAQ)

Here are a few of the most frequent asked questions (FAQ)…

How do the lessons work?

Virtual private lessons with Finale are a great way to learn this software. We utilize Google Hangouts or Skype for our lessons. Both Google Hangouts and Skype allows us to speak over web cam and share each other’s desktop workspace. I can observe you using Finale on your computer to ensure that you grasp the concepts and lessons we are working on.

What is covered in the lessons?

That depends on you… There is nothing in Finale or notation in general that we can’t cover. Our lessons will cover whatever questions you have. To cover the maximum amount of material in the time that we have, it would be helpful to email me your questions ahead of our scheduled lessons.

What do I need for these lessons to work?

You will need a webcam (only for video purposes, if you don’t have one, I will only be able to listen to you and see your screen) for our lessons as well as a solid internet connection. Obviously, you’ll also need Finale installed on your computer. It would be ideal if you are using the most recent version of Finale. However, we can make beneficial progress on older versions as well.

Which version of MakeMusic Finale do I need?

Currently, I’m running the latest version of MakeMusic Finale 2014d. I’m also running Finale on Yosemite (OS 10.10) and El Capitan (OS 10.11) operating system on Mac. If you have a different version of the program, we can certainly adjust but please note that while functions look similar, they might not work correctly on your version of the program. There will also be some differences if you are using a Windows – PC computer. I can work around those differences and still teach you the art of transcribing and copying music in your version of Finale.

I’m a student and only have access to Finale through my school music lab. What can we do?

Contact me! We can work it out! For starters, we can use a demo version of Finale 2014d and get you going in your transcription and copying journey for the first 30 days…

I have just a few questions, can I take only one lesson?

Absolutely! If you’re a regular Finale user getting stuck, I am happy to help find solutions, even if you only need a few questions answered in a single lesson.

I’m a beginner with Finale, how would lessons help?

Since Finale covers so many genres and styles, it really can be used to produce great sheet music in any musical circumstance. Because of this, however, many musicians find the learning curve so daunting that they don’t know where to begin. We will start at the very beginning with setup and templates, and we’ll continue the coaching lessons until you feel completely comfortable with the software. Remember, this lessons are customized to what you need. You will get the best of me and my guidance throughout your project and learning journey!

Do you cover additional material?

Yes! We can cover any ground that you feel is beneficial. Other useful topics of discussion could include: MIDI setup, transcriptions, music reading and writing (if you are beginning and want to learn more theory), orchestration and writing for various ensembles and instruments.

Also, as a professional music copyist, I can coach you on music engraving and be a second set of eyes for any music notation project.

Wait, your private lessons are free right?

No, wrong. The Finale Music Lessons, or private lessons, are not free. I do have a plethora of FREE lessons and tips on my YouTube channel. I do invite you to go and check my YouTube channel and get a feel of my teaching style. We will get more involved in a private lesson and make a customized plan for you. We will look at your level and what you want to accomplish! This will be your plan for success and I will help you see it through…

How do I get started?

To get started with your first lesson, click here to register, or here to ask additional questions.

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