Bobby Rosario… Rest In Peace!

Bobby Rosario
Bobby Rosario

Did you know that we are only here for a short time? And that everything we do here we will be questioned by our heavenly Father? I know of a friend who really taught me those things. He taught me to pray and to always say things like:

Alábalo que él vive…

I had to convert / spanglish that phrase to:

Alábalo que he’s alive…

Sounded better in my ears. Well, the point is that he passed yesterday. And while sadness is with me, I know Bobby is in the presence of my Lord and Savior and I can’t be any happier for him. He got there before me, so I know I still have to work some things down here before I get there.

It was really something special working with Bobby. We had times and times in the studio and outside. We loved fishing together. I think he taught me plenty of fishing tricks… One thing we both love is sports. And therefore the many references about: “Y la bola, se llevó la cerca…” on the records.

It was fun, I had fun making records with him. I know he left a legacy and I’m happy to be part of it!

Bobby had this iconic phrase… Oyelooo. I have recently adapted one myself and he knew about it and loved it too: Suénalo  Love you Bobby. See ya soon.


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