#StayFit November 9, 2013

On Saturday, thanks to the rain, went in to the gym with my friend: Daniel Berroa…

Worked out on the ski type looking machine, which I don’t know the name, for 30 minutes and then to 1 set of 15 burpees. Moved to the treadmill and walked for about 15 minutes and another set of 15 burpees to finish the workout session.

Here’s some data from the Wahoo Fitness app v3.4.0

20131109Activity Type: Other
Date: 11/9/13, 5:33 PM
Sensors Used:Heart Rate

Total Distance: 0.00 mi

Duration: 45:05
Active Time: 45:05
Paused Time: 00:00

Heart Rate Avg: 119 bpm
Heart Rate Max: 155 bpm
Heart Rate Min: 93 bpm
Heart Rate Calories: 464 cal

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