#StayFit November 6, 2013

Wednesday Workout

2.89 Miles | 0:55:25 | 19:09 (Average Pace) | 326 Calories Burned | 123 Average Heart Rate

I’ve noticed after this workout that there’s a huge difference between what RunKeeper and Wahoo Fitness (HR App) is calculating. Here’s a screenshot of the Wahoo Fitness app.

WahooFitness110613Notice how the Heart Rate average is the same at 123 bpm. I believe that Wahoo’s app uses and calculates the calories burned differently. I want to say that it also uses the higher Max Heart Rate of 163 bpm.

Aside from walking and jogging I did the following exercises and this time didn’t stop or pause the timer:

2 sets of the following

7 pull-ups
15 dips
7 burpees w/ push-ups
15 squats

Will try for the same workout on Friday, perhaps a little bit more and see if I can match the results.

How are YOU doing with your #StayFit plan?

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