#StayFit November 4, 2013

Monday was a SUPER FUN day with the staff at Christ Journey Church! We went to the Oleta River State Park and we all participated in a Kayak activity. We got wet by various means, most of them via our Executive and Senior Pastors and other members of the staff… My appologies to Addis… Sorry you where in the middle of ‘the fire’. Even ‘la jefa‘ got pulled in the water on their attempt to redeem Annie from a water splash by Mark…

It was an adventure pack day which ended with Krispy Kreme Donuts and more…

I logged in some kayak time as exercise so, who says that you can’t be fit and have some fun while you are at it?

2.00 Miles | 1:00:00 | 30:00 (Average Pace) | 450 Calories Burned | N/A Average Heart Rate

Kayak - Monday



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