#StayFit November 2013

One of my priorities is to #StayFit. Yes, hashtag included. My goal for the month of November is to either loose 5lbs by November 30, 2013 or keep the same weight and gain 1 or 2lbs of lean muscle.

My strategy | workout plan for November 2013

3x’s a week: Monday | Wednesday | Friday

1 hour walk/jog combo with DIPS, Chin-Ups, Burpees, Push-Ups and Planks.

3x’s a week: Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday

30 / 45 / 60 minutes of walking.

2x’s a week: Tuesday | Thursday

15 or 30 minutes of begginers YOGA

Sunday = REST

Join me in this challenge! You can find me on RunKeeper and we can be accountability partners on this journey to #StayFit! One day at a time. We need to start if we want to finish!

PS: I got myself a BLUE HR (heart rate monitor) by WahooFitness to help me track some information about my walk/jog. I find it very interesting to know at which level I’m working out and want to stay on the fat burning zone level for the longest time possible…

Blue HR

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