Overwhelmed by Change (Christ Journey Series Devotional)

I live in an apartment about to transform with lots of changes. Our 6-month-old, Daniel Gabriel, will soon start his quest to explore a whole new world. Like Disney’s Aladdin, he’ll soon be exploring things he’s never known before…and grabbing anything in his path – many things he could possibly hurt himself with. Ugh, changes. We need to have all the cables tied up neatly, make sure the electrical outlets are covered, secure the bookshelves, etc. I am overwhelmed with the changes.

Pastor Mark spoke this week about how I can leverage change to change me for the better. These questions come up for me: What changes? Why does change happen? How does change happen?

I’ll let you in on a secret… I think I’m getting mastered by the technology we have at hand, and I truly need (and want) to let some of the technology go a bit. For example, I’ve swapped my print Bible for the Bible app and have tried several times to go paperless. Honestly – I think I read less Bible and do less writing and journaling than when I had my print Bible, pen, and paper. Maybe it’s the overwhelming factor of too many apps and distractions on our devices. How about you? Have you fallen into the same trap?

I’m accepting Mark’s challenge to dedicate 15 minutes of my day to reading the Bible and journaling. I really do not want to miss out on God’s opportunities for me when things change. I know I can’t ignore the changes. I want to find more in the Bible about how to embrace the changes coming to my life. I want to understand what the Lord has in store for me, Luana and Daniel Gabriel. I know the best way is to be in His word more. I truly want to live by the Spirit’s power (Ephesians 5:15-20).

What are you doing after this week’s message? I would love to chat about it with you! Because everything changes: priorities, economics, technology, jobs, seasons and even our families. Change is inevitable. I believe we are called to let go of some of our fears and trust God for what is new and upcoming.

There’s a song that talks about not being afraid, and that the love of our Father never changes. Here’s Kristian Stanfill singing One Thing Remains, written by Brian Johnson, Jeremy Riddle, and Christa Black, so my thanks goes to all of them for a heart-moving and truth-saturated worship song made popular all over the world. I pray that your life is filled with Our Father’s Love!

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