Myles Munroe Talks Legacy

Last year I wrestled with this term for many days. I was thinking constantly what will my legacy be? If I die today, what will be that one thing people remember? Myles Munroe talked about legacy and I was able to gather some notes I want to share with you.

Myles Munroe Talks Legacy

If everything you have done dies with you, you are a failure. True leadership is measured by what happens after you have died. True leaders don’t invest in buildings; Jesus never invested in a building. True leaders invest in PEOPLE. Why? Because success without a successor is failure.

Your legacy should not be in a building, a program, a project. It should be in people. The biggest thing as a leader you can do is to MENTOR. Who are you mentoring to take your place?

True leaders make themselves unnecessary. A true leader works himself out of a job. We measure them by their absence. Our best example: Jesus. My absence is your greatness.

If you die today, what happens to your organization? If it dies when you die, then you are a failure. Identify your successor. Train them. Invest in them. Nurture them.

What happens when you’ve left this place? That… That is your legacy!

Wow!!! Powerful words my friends. I typed this and re-read it again. Brings me to that same place I was last year. What am I doing today? What are you doing today? Just saying…


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