Happy Birthday To Me!

Many events took place over the weekend to celebrate my 40th Birthday! Yeah, finally made it to the other side. All of the “viejito” jokes are accepted now…

I just wanted to say:

Thank You!!!

…to all who sent birthday wishes, text messages, tweets, Facebook posts and made their phone calls. To those of you who forgot: REALLY? Oh well, next time!

To my special and cute loving girlfriend Luana and her accomplices: love you and thank you for planning a surprise party and creating an amazing night of new stories to tell…

Saturday night was also filled with birthday wishes as we played the First Wedding Bash at the Flamingo Theater in Brickell with Junior’s Band! Thanks to Josemanuel Betancourt and all of my friends from Junior’s… We did it…

Saturday Night Wedding Bash

Lastly, thanks to all my co-workers and friends at Christ Journey Church! You guys made my special day on Sunday extra special… Can’t be any happier and here’s to many more… Just getting closer to the 90’s…

Sunday CakeChrist Journey Friends & Birthday

With my “abrazo apretáu” friend: Vincent Cuevas… Also his BirthDay!

Even my iPad got Birthday celebration and hijacking! SuperG??? Why??? Why???

iPad Hijacking

There’s more to come from the #archives… This last one is one of the many many gifts I received, but this one from my Luana…

Luana's Gift

Happy Birthday To Me!!!


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