Five elements of #Success and #Happiness

I heard this recently and want to share them here. These are five elements of #Success and #Happiness

1: Practice #Thankfulness. Every day think of what you are thankful. Reflect on how thankful you are for each blessing in your life and literally give thanks for them. For example: When you eat breakfast take one second to mentally say: thank you God for this food. When you are walking out the door say: thank you God that I can walk. Start practicing this daily and see how much happier of a person you become.

2: Keep a #Positive Attitude. Be positive, be optimistic. Don’t think negatively or speak negatively about yourself or anyone else. Negativity is a disease, it’s contagious. Stay away from negative people. Focus all your energy on being #positive and see how drastically your live changes.

3: A #Relentless Work Ethic. You can’t control what circumstances you are born into. However, you have absolute control over your work ethic. Never be satisfied with mediocrity. As long as you’re constantly looking to improve at SOMETHING then you will be #successful.

4: Be Kind. #Kindness is often mistaken for weakness or being a pushover. This concept is a bastardization of what it means to be kind. Being kind is simple; treat everyone you meet with dignity, value, and respect. Hold yourself to this standard and see how excellent your interactions become.

5: #Smile! You are blessed beyond measure, broadcasts that joy to the entire world!


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